Industrial Safety PVC Signs

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Badges, Exit & Entrance Signs, Fire Equipment, Glow in the dark signs, Informational Signs, Mandatory, Name Plates, Packaging Labels, Pipeline Identifications, Prohibition, Safe Conditions, Tags , Warning

Please See Pictures or download pdf File For Safety Sign Descriptions as reference choose a code given to each Safety Sign. or you can send these code to directly via Email: info@sultanstore.pk

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Products: Badges, Exit & Entrance Signs, Fire Equipments, Glow in the dark signs, Informational Signs, Mandatory, Name Plates, Packaging Labels, Pipeline Identifications, Prohibition, Safe Conditions, Tags, Warning

Description: Safety Signs used because; They keep us safe. They keep others safe. They keep us out of trouble. They help the society find order. They save us time. Safety Signs made in different material like PVC Sheet, Acrylic Sheet, M.S Sheet, S.S, Diamond Printing etc.

Key features: Standard Printing, Customized printing, Printing Material (PVC, Acrylic, Stickers, Lables etc), Installation


For Reference Please Download Pdf File. Click Here

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Chose a Code Given in Pictures / pdf File

A1 Ladies (6"x12" Sfty Posters), A2 Toilet (6"x12" Sfty Posters), A3 Gents (6"x12" Sfty Posters), A4 No Smoking (12"x16" Sfty Posters), A5 Sfty First at home(12"x16" Sfty Posters), A6 Danger 440 Volts (12"x16" Sfty Posters), B01 First Aider (1.5"x3.5" Fire Badges), B02 Fire Fighter (1.5"x3.5" Fire Badges), B03 Fire Party Leader (1.5"x3.5" Fire Badges), B04 Fire Man (1.5"x3.5" Fire Badges), B05 Safety Officer (1.5"x3.5" Fire Badges), B06 Safety Committee (1.5"x3.5" Fire Badges), B07 Fire Officer (1.5"x3.5" Fire Badges), B08 Fire Service (1.5"x3.5" Fire Badges), E1 Fire Exit clear (6"x15" Safe Condition), E10 shower right side (9"x12" Safe Condition), E11 First Aid (9"x12" Safe Condition), E13 Scanner (9"x12" Safe Condition), E14 Get First Aid (9"x12" Safe Condition), E15 Emrg Stretcher (9"x12" Safe Condition), E16 First Aid (9"x12" Safe Condition), E17 First Aid Station (9"x12" Safe Condition), E18 Emg Eye Wash (9"x12" Safe Condition), E19 Shower right side (9"x12" Safe Condition), E2 Fire Exit left (6"x12" Safe Condition), E20 Emg Exit right (6"x12" Safe Condition), E20 Emg Exit right (9"x12" Safe Condition), E21 Emg Exit left (6"x12" Safe Condition), E22 Fire Exit right (6"x12" Safe Condition), E23 Fire Exit left (6"x12" Safe Condition), E24 Emg Exit red (9"x12" Safe Condition), E25 Emg Exit Green (9"x12" Safe Condition), E26 Exit Right arrow (6"x12" Safe Condition), E27 Exit left arrow (6"x12" Safe Condition), E28 Exit down arrow (6"x12" Safe Condition), E29 Exit UP arrow (6"x12" Safe Condition), E3 Fire Exit right (6"x12" Safe Condition), E4 Push (2.5"x6" Safe Condition), E5 Pull (2.5"x6" Safe Condition), E6 minor injury first aid (9"x12" Safe Condition), E7 eye wash station (9"x12" Safe Condition), E8 eye wash shower (9"x12" Safe Condition), E9 Waiting Area (9"x12" Safe Condition), EN01 Smoking area (12"x16" Sfty Posters), EN02 Environment (12"x16" Sfty Posters), EN03 Environment (12"x16" Sfty Posters), EN04 Our Contry(12"x16" Sfty Posters), EN05 Envr Policy (12"x16" Sfty Posters), EN06 Every person (12"x16" Sfty Posters), F01 Fire Blanket (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F02 Fire Bucket (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F03 Fire Hose Reel (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F04 Fire Extinguisher (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F05 Halotron Guidelines (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F06 Water Type Guidelines (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F07 Fire Alarm (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F08 For Electricity Use (2"x6" Fire Equipment), F09 Do'nt Use for Electricity (2"x6" Fire Equipment), F10 For All Type of Fire (2"x6" Fire Equipment), F11 for Flameable Fire (2"x6" Fire Equipment), F12 Soda Acid Guidelines (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F13 Co2 Guidelines (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F14 Foam Type Guidelines (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F15 DCP Type Guidelines (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F16 for A type of Fire (2"x6" Fire Equipment), F17 for use of any Fire (2"x6" Fire Equipment), F18 Main Fire Point (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F19 Turn off Electricity (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F20 Fire Alarm Call Point (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F21 Fire Extinguisher (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F22 Fire Prevention Notice (12"x16" Fire Equipment), F23 Fire Hydrant (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F24 Use PASS Method (9"x12" Fire Equipment), F25 Usage Method of Hose (12"x16" Fire Equipment), F27 Differnt FE Types (12"x16" Fire Equipment), F28 Fire Extinguishers & its use (9"X12" Fire Equipment), F29 Dry Sand Bucket (9"X12" Fire Equipment), L01A Stairs Down (6"x12" Safe Condition), L01B Stairs Down right (6"x12" Safe Condition), L02 Fire Extinguisher kept (6"x12" Safe Condition), L03 Run right (6"x12" Safe Condition), L04 round right (6"x12" Safe Condition), L05 Right Arrow (6"x12" Safe Condition), L06 Stairs Down (9"x12" Safe Condition), L07 Stairs up (9"x12" Safe Condition), L08 Stairs (9"x12" Safe Condition), L09 care by head (9"x12" Safe Condition), L10 F (9"x12" Safe Condition), L11 Avoid a Fall (9"x12" Safe Condition), M01 Wear Ear Protection(9"x12" Manadatory), M02 Wear Eye Protection(9"x12" Manadatory), M03 Rights Notice (12"x12" Manadatory), M04 Clean Your Shoes (9"x12" Manadatory), M05 Wear Footwear (9"x12" Manadatory), M06 Wear Mask (9"x12" Manadatory), M07 Report at Gate (9"x12" Manadatory), M08 Equipment (9"x12" Manadatory), M09 Wash your hands (9"x12" Manadatory), M10 Keep your workplace clean (9"x12" Manadatory), M11 Wear Safety Harness (9"x12" Manadatory), M12 Lock door (9"x12" Manadatory), M13 Report Accident (12"x12" Manadatory), M14 Make sure (9"x12" Manadatory), M15 Wear Welding Mask (9"x12" Manadatory), M16 Fire Emergency No.(9"x12" Manadatory), M17 Wear Clothes (9"x12" Manadatory), M18 Chemical guidelines (9"x12" Manadatory), M19 switch off (9"x12" Manadatory), M20 No.chart (12"x16" Manadatory), M21 Wear helmet goggles(9"x12" Manadatory), M22 Wear Ear Plugs(9"x12" Manadatory), M23 Wear goggles facesheild (9"x12" Manadatory), M24 Wear facesheild (9"x12" Manadatory), M25 Wear Safety shoes (9"x12" Manadatory), M26 Wear Helmet (9"x12" Manadatory), M27 Drinking Water (9"x12" Manadatory), M28 Wear Gloves (9"x12" Manadatory), M29 Use Gas Mask (9"x12" Manadatory), M30 Use Glasses (9"x12" Manadatory), M31 Use Hair Net(9"x12" Manadatory), M32 lift carefully (9"x12" Manadatory), M33 Stock objects correctly (9"x12" Manadatory), M34 Wear Safety Belt (9"x12" Manadatory), M35 Trolley Parking (9"x12" Manadatory), M36 Shift Chart (12"x16" Manadatory), M37 lab Coat (9"x12" Manadatory), M38 Wear Apron (9"x12" Manadatory), M39 Dust Bin(9"x12" Manadatory), M40 cleaning imp(9"x12" Manadatory), P01 keep Silence (9"x12" Prohibtion), P02 No Spitting (9"x12" Prohibtion), P03 No Entry (9"x12" Prohibtion), P04 do use lift (9"x12" Prohibtion), P05 Dont Flame (9"x12" Prohibtion), P05 Dont use Weapon (9"x12" Prohibtion), P06 Dont use Mobile (9"x12" Prohibtion), P07 No Parking (9"x12" Prohibtion), P08 No Smoking (9"x12" Prohibtion), P09 No Smoking (9"x12" Prohibtion), P10 Dont Springking water (9"x12" Prohibtion), P12 Dont Drink water (9"x12" Prohibtion), P12 Dont Oil or clean (9"x12" Prohibtion), P13 Exit Green (9"x12" Prohibtion), P14 Exit Red (9"x12" Prohibtion), P15 Pan is prohibted (9"x12" Prohibtion), P16 Authorised person (9"x12" Prohibtion), P17 Thank u for not smoke (9"x12" Prohibtion), P18 Parking (12"x16" Prohibtion), P19 Do not use ladders (9"x12" Prohibtion), P20 No Exit (9"x12" Prohibtion), P21 Dont use Faulty Eqp (9"x12" Prohibtion), P22 Do Touch it (12"x16" Prohibtion), P23 Auth person only (12"x16" Prohibtion), P24 Male not Allowed (12"x16" Prohibtion), P25 smoke is no joke (12"x16" Prohibtion), P26 in case of fire (12"x16" Prohibtion), P27 No Horn (9"x12" Prohibtion), P28 Exit red (9"x12" Prohibtion), P29 Entrance Red (9"x12" Prohibtion), P30 Eating not allow(9"x12" Prohibtion), P31 Dont Touch Rotatory eqp(9"x12" Prohibtion), P32 Main Switch (9"x12" Prohibtion), P33 Do not operate (9"x12" Prohibtion), P34 Push button (9"x12" Prohibtion), P35 Spitting Point (9"x12" Prohibtion), P36 This way in left (9"x12" Prohibtion), P37 This way in right (9"x12" Prohibtion), P38 This way out left(9"x12" Prohibtion), P39 This way out right(9"x12" Prohibtion), PC01 Env danger (9"x12" Misc), PC02 flameable (9"x12" Misc), PC03 Melt (9"x12" Misc), PC04 Poisonous (9"x12" Misc), PC05 Sake of shoes (9"x12" Misc), PC06 camara not allow (9"x12" Misc), PC07 explosive (9"x12" Misc), PC08 No smoke (9"x12" Misc), PC10 Allergic hazard (9"x12" Misc), PC11 Fire Extinguisher (9"x12" Misc), PC12 Takseedi Mada (9"x12" Misc), PC9 Left Arrow (9"x12" Misc), PL1 Oxidizing (3"x4" Packing Lable), PL1 Oxidizing (6"x8" Packing Lable), PL10 No smoke (3"x4" Packing Lable), PL10 No smoke (6"x8" Packing Lable), PL2 Corrosive (3"x4" Packing Lable), PL2 Corrosive (6"x8" Packing Lable), PL3 Poisonous (3"x4" Packing Lable), PL3 Poisonous (6"x8" Packing Lable), PL4 Sulphuric Acid (3"x4" Packing Lable), PL4 Sulphuric Acid (6"x8" Packing Lable), PL5 Harmful(3"x4" Packing Lable), PL5 Harmful(6"x8" Packing Lable), PL6 Explosive (3"x4" Packing Lable), PL6 Explosive (6"x8" Packing Lable), PL7 highly flameable (3"x4" Packing Lable), PL7 highly flameable (6"x8" Packing Lable), PL8 Irritant (3"x4" Packing Lable), PL8 Irritant (6"x8" Packing Lable), PL9 Toxic (3"x4" Packing Lable), PL9 Toxic (6"x8" Packing Lable), PM1 Oil (2"x6" Pipe Line), PM10 Electrical (2"x6" Pipe Line), PM2 Gas (2"x6" Pipe Line), PM3 Steam (2"x6" Pipe Line), PM4 Alkali (2"x6" Pipe Line), PM5 Water (2"x6" Pipe Line), PM6 Ionizing radiation (2"x6" Pipe Line), PM7 yellow black (2"x6" Pipe Line), PM8 Air (2"x6" Pipe Line), PM9 Acid (2"x6" Pipe Line), Q01 Quality Policy english (12"x16" Quality Policy), Q02 Quality Policy Urdu(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q03 Responsible for Q(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q04 Q objects are(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q05 Q is part of life (12"x16" Quality Policy), Q06 Q Principles (12"x16" Quality Policy), Q07 Q Meaning (12"x16" Quality Policy), Q08 Be Happy in ur work(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q09 work(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q10 Q is our first priority(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q11 Q has no compromise(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q12 Q has no compromise(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q13 Don't Drive cycle (12"x16" Quality Policy), Q14 Q Care in urdu(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q15 Q Start with u(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q16 Q Dont mistake (12"x16" Quality Policy), Q17 Q repotation (12"x16" Quality Policy), Q18 Q Think ISO (12"x16" Quality Policy), Q19 Q Vital link (12"x16" Quality Policy), Q20 Aim for Zero defect(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q21 Q Expect(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q22 Q Principle(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q23 Q Principle(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q24 Q Chalenges(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q25 mistake mean loss(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q26 Accuracy (12"x16" Quality Policy), Q27 Pray after meal(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q28 Pray before meal(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q29 Affects You(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q30 Good srvs(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q31 Pray chart(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q32 Speak for Q(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q33 Q in ur hand(12"x16" Quality Policy), Q34 Q Evry time (12"x16" Quality Policy), S03 Be Safe & Smile (9"x12" Pipe Line), S04 Sfty my business (9"x12" Pipe Line), SF01 Aids Care(9"x12" Sfty Posters), SF02 machine shop chart(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF03 First Aid guidelines(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF04 Call Electrician(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF05 Cigrate put off(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF06 Bin Guidelines12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF07 Do u know? (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF08 look danger (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF09 Care about Life (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF10 Chemical safety chart(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF100 Electric Saving (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF101 Go Out Right side (9"x12" Sfty Posters), SF102 Go Out Right Left (9"x12" Sfty Posters), SF103 Chemical spillage(9"x12" Sfty Posters), SF104 During chemical handle (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF105 Safety First (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF106 Exit Both side (9"x12" Sfty Posters), SF106 work in progress (12"x16" Safety Sign), SF107 CCTV (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF107 SCRAP (12"x16" Safety Sign), SF108 Another Call (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF109 Dont Loose TAlk(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF11 Electric Shock chart(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF110 Loose tongue?(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF111 Wear Sfty Gear(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF112 Use Stairways(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF12 Clean up before eat (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF13 push with care (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF14 Welding care (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF15 Use of Fire Exting(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF16 Safety First (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF17 Safety First (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF18 Safety First (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF19 Lift with Legs(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF20 Dont use rugh cloth(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF21 under 18 not allowed(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF22 Small Family(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF23 Under 18(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF24 usage of chemicals(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF25 Assembly Point (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF26 Safety Point (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF27 Dont learn by Accident(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF28 Sfty All time(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF29 Sfty For All (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF30 Save urself snake (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF31 Dont cause for accident (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF32 Flush bath (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF33 Imp Telephone no (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF34 Park safely (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF35 Care about leaking(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF36 Stop Identify yourself (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF37 Paint Hazard (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF38 Use this way (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF39 Speed Limit (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF40 Stop first read (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF41 Fork Lift Parking Area(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF42 Safety Snake(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF43 Clean the area (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF44 Fasten ur seatbelt(9"x12" Sfty Posters), SF45 Fire Point (9"x12" Sfty Posters), SF46 use of Lines (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF47 Safety at work (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF48 Hands Tool (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF49 Employee ID Badge (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF50 Falling at work (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF51 Electricity accident (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF52 Chemical Handling (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF53 Dont turn off ur res(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF54 dont wear lose cloth(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF55 All Areas are imp(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF56 is it Safety (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF57 Safe ur Head (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF58 Compressor room (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF59 Dirty Job (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF60 safty is not accident(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF61 Dont Touch it(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF62 Examin of FE (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF63 Telephone no. (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF64 4 point Chart (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF65 Generator Room Guideline (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF66 Lift operator Guideline (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF67 Electricity Saving (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF68 Vehicle clear (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF69 First Aid Chart (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF70 Earthquick Chart (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF71 Working Hours (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF72 Complain box (9"x12" Sfty Posters), SF73 use sfty Guard machine (9"x12" Sfty Posters), SF74 Fire Man Responsibilty (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF75 Hot Surface (9"x12" Sfty Posters), SF76 dont lit eye (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF77 Forklift Crossing (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF78 Do it Slow (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF79 Work at Hight (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF80 Excavation in Progress (12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF81 Construction Area(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF82 Auto Start Caution(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF87 Effecency of FE(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF88 Keep back(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF89 Contractor only(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF90 Work in Progress(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF91 men working overhead(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF92 Incomplete area(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF93 Construction Area(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF94 Cuation hard(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF95 Confined Space(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF96 Fire to Cloth(12"x16" Sfty Posters), SF97 Zero Reading(9"x12" Sfty Posters), SF98 Emergency Shutt(9"x12" Sfty Posters), SF99 Clean place(12"x16" Sfty Posters), TM1 Foam Type (9"x12" Trolly Mounted), TM2 DCP (9"x12" Trolly Mounted), TM3 Water type (9"x12" Trolly Mounted), TM4 Co2 type (9"x12" Trolly Mounted), TM5 Foam Type (9"x12" Trolly Mounted), TO1 Entry banned (6"x12" Safety Sign), TO2 no Admission without (6"x12" Safety Sign), TO3 eating not allow (6"x12" Safety Sign), To4 Masjid (12"x16" Safety Sign), W04 Danger Hazard Area (12"X16" Warning), W05 Danger 440 Volts (9"x12" Warning), W06 Danger High Volts (9"x12" Warning), W07 Danger Radiation Area (9"x12" Warning), W08 Danger over drop (9"x12" Warning), W09 Danger Slipery (9"x12" Warning), W10 Danger Fork LIfter (9"x12" Warning), W11 Nitrogen (9"x12" Warning), W12 Flameable liquied (9"x12" Warning), W13 Do not Fold (9"x12" Warning), W14 Danger Pesticides (9"x12" Warning), W15 Hot Water (9"x12" Warning), W16 Danger Amonia (9"x12" Warning), W17 Danger Chemcicals (9"x12" Warning), W18 Danger 11000 Volts (9"x12" Warning), W19 Danger Exploid (9"x12" Warning), W20 Starts Auto (9"x12" Warning), W21 Noise (9"x12" Warning), W22 Danger (9"x12" Warning), W23 Caution overhead hazard (9"x12" Warning), W24 Parking at your risk (9"x12" Warning), W25 Flameable (9"x12" Warning), W26 Danger Load (9"x12" Warning), W27 Nitrogen Cylinder (9"x12" Warning), W28 Electricity Shock (9"x12" Warning), W29 Danger Hazadous Process (12"x16" Warning), W30 Danger Hazadous Substance (12"x16" Warning), W31 Warning High Voltage (12"x16" Warning), W32 Danger 440 Volts (12"x16" Warning), W33 Keep Hands away (12"x16" Warning), W34 No Entry (12"x16" Warning), WT01 Don't Switch on (3"X6" Warning), WT02 Machine dead (3"X6" Warning), WT03 Currunt is Flowing (3"X6" Warning), WT35 Caution don't operate (3.5"x6" Warning), WT36 Caution don't Open valve(3.5"x6" Warning), WT37 Caution don't Start (3.5"x6" Warning), WT38 Locket Out (3.5"x6" Warning), WT39 Don't Operate (3.5"x6" Warning), WT40 Scaff Tag(3.5"x6" Warning), WT41 Scaff Tag(3.5"x6" Warning), WT42 Scaff Tag(3.5"x6" Warning), WT43 Do not use ScaffFold(3.5"x6" Warning)


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